10. Risk warning

Regulatory Risks in the Industry

The blockchain industry is closely monitored by regulatory authorities, and they continually revise existing regulatory frameworks. We caution you that the project may not be able to comply with the new regulatory environment for a certain period.

External Fraud Risks

Scammers are highly creative in the blockchain ecosystem, especially in the field of encrypted messaging. Hackers are constantly seeking weaknesses in platforms. Even the open-source algorithms of smart contracts are vulnerable to attacks, so we cannot rule out the risk of our platform being targeted by hackers.

Industry Risks

We warn you that we cannot guarantee that the project will generate sufficient profits to operate successfully. The competition in the encrypted messaging industry is highly intense.

Regulatory Risks in the Blockchain Industry

The blockchain industry is still in its early stages of regulation. Governments around the world are studying blockchain technology, and some countries (such as the United States, China, and South Korea) have implemented restrictions.

Currently, there are no standardized legal documents governing the cryptocurrency industry. Such laws will be established later and will have a significant impact on the activities of blockchain projects, including ours. We caution you that such laws may severely restrict or even halt project activities, and we are not responsible for any negative consequences related to future industry regulations.

Financial Risks

Innovation and pioneering in cryptocurrency projects entail significant risks. Like any other cryptocurrency, the value of the CB token may experience severe fluctuations and potential devaluation. We are not liable for any changes in token value during exchange. Governments may introduce laws mandating the use of CB tokens for tax purposes. Please note that CB tokens can only be used within the CB project, and we do not guarantee any income.

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