3. Economic Model

ChatBAT is committed to creating an open-source symbiotic economy. In this system, all participants (users, DApp developers) become part of a community with shared interests. Participants from all walks of life must work together to strive for common benefits. As the number of participants increases, this ecosystem will continue to expand indefinitely.

As users, the CB rewards provided by DApp developers are granted through proof of valuable activities (mining, paid communities, dapps, etc.). This not only enhances users' proactive abilities but also reduces developers' promotion costs, achieving mutual promotion of interests.

As a DApp developer, in this open-source symbiotic economic ecosystem, they can learn from each other, share their technical expertise, and identify their own shortcomings. All developers can truly integrate into a community of shared interests. Everyone will strive to develop better applications. On the other hand, ChatBAT provides significant CB rewards to those developers who make significant contributions to technological progress to encourage more developers to participate in development.

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