8. Team introduction

The supporting team behind ChatBAT is a formidable organization, created by former members of the Google technical team. They are dedicated to the development and technological innovation of cross-border instant messaging applications. The company brings together members from Google and other elite tech companies. The ChatBAT team has already developed many useful applications that have been delivered to different countries around the world. The products developed by the ChatBAT team have become essential tools for communication for hundreds of millions of users on a daily basis.

Currently, the team's independently developed and operated instant messaging software enjoys a competitive advantage in emerging countries. The company is committed to promoting the application of the Internet in network communication and personal communication in emerging markets for the long term and in-depth, serving the majority of users globally. In the future, the team will continue to consolidate and develop its existing market advantages in emerging countries. The core mission is to build an instant messaging software platform that serves advertising, mobile games, e-commerce, personal services, and peripheral services. This will create a comprehensive network market ecosystem and establish an "all-in-one" platform for life and work in emerging markets. In rapidly growing emerging markets such as the Middle East, South Asia, Central and South America, and Africa, the team continues to promote these services, providing high-definition, secure, reliable, and fast communication services, as well as a convenient mobile network lifestyle experience. This will be the core mission of the global strategic plan.

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