11. Disclaimer

The ownership of CB does not represent any participation in CB Capital, nor does it grant any rights to any form of monetary reward, payment, profit distribution, or any financial incentives. This whitepaper is written to provide a comprehensive introduction to the CB project and is for reference purposes only. With the development of the CB platform and its services, and as the project ecosystem evolves, modifications may be made in the following aspects. Also, please note that the CB project itself may be subject to redesign for any reason (including but not limited to business considerations, technical feasibility, or the need to ensure compliance with any applicable laws and regulations, or any other reasons for materials).

The CB token does not constitute securities in any jurisdiction. This whitepaper does not constitute any form of prospectus and is not intended to constitute any securities invitation or securities investment invitation in any jurisdiction. The content of this whitepaper is not a financial promotion; therefore, any content of this whitepaper should not be interpreted as an invitation or inducement to participate in any investment activity.

Before participating in the CB encrypted messaging ecosystem, please ensure that you have read and understood this whitepaper and the terms and conditions of participating in the CB token sale (including all warnings about potential token value, technology, regulation, and any other risks, as well as all disclaimers contained therein).

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